A note from our Founders - Bobby and Tiffany Vossoughi


When our daughter, Ellie, was born we had the same concerns and questions every new parent has about feeding, bathing, sleeping schedule, and so on. One symptom we noticed is she would cry around the clock. Our pediatrician initially thought it was simply reflux and provided treatment. With no changes we tried a naturopath, a functional medicine doctor, and our own research. Our daughter was not responding to the drastic dietary changes, supplements, or medicine – something was wrong. Ellie was now two years old and we were all emotionally and physically exhausted. We would give anything for Ellie to be happy and have peace.

I ran into a friend who was having the same complications and issues with, for example, certain clothes, chewing on non-food things, loud noises, crowded places. In addition to constant crying and more anxiety than any child should have. My friend directed me to a book: Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) by Dr. Lucy Miller. This book could have been written about our daughter. The back referenced The STAR Institute in Denver, CO. We reached out and upon our first conversation we knew this is where our daughter needed to be.

Starry Night has impacted over 150 Arizona families and most recently launched an Arizona Summer Camp. Thanks to the generous donors, foundations and companies we have raised in excess of 1.5 million dollars. In the past year we also had our second Starry Morning event in San Francisco, California and had over 130 attendees and raised over $50,000 to support children in the bay area with neurodevelopment differences thanks to the great partnership with Cortica.

-Bobby and Tiffany Vossoughi