With your help, In the past year we have...

Deepened our understanding of the relationship between brain wiring and auditory and tactile processing in children with SPD.


We use an intensive “burst” treatment (three to five times a week) that is more effective in treatingIdentified that 18% of our children with SPD have a major genetic contributor and their parents have a higher chance of small changes in their DNA.

Used brain imaging to show that children with SPD and Autism ARE measurably different in their brain response to simple touch.


Shown improvement in our children’s ability to pay attention with 4 weeks of brain training and these results last!



And in the next year we plan to...

Deeply explore the genes and proteins that add up to SPD.


Uncover the brain connections that cause fine motor and attention challenges.


Use virtual reality with body training to improve brain function in children with SPD.